The War


The war raged on for decades.

Body against mind and will.

She refused to give up.

She was strong and stubborn.

The body fought without regard.

Sieging her mind.

Attempting to deprive of sustenance.

Of ration.

He could not participate.

He had no access to the field.

From a distance he comforted.

Advised as best he could.

But she was her own commander.

She could only fight on her terms.

She could only fight with her tactics.

The battles lately had gone poorly.

But he knew.

She would rally.

She would fight.

She would win.


4 Comments on “The War”

  1. She looks like Motoko from ‘Ghost in the Shell’, who happens to have similar themes… đŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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