Two Good Ol’ Boys from Kentucky…

Two good ol’ boys from Kentucky walk into a bakery.

Billy Bob says to his friend Jim Bob “watch this” and while the owner’s back is turned slips three doughnuts under his jacket. “He ain’t seen a thing!” proclaims Billy Bob proudly.

“That ain’t nuthin” replies Jim Bob. “I can do it all legal like. Here, watch this.”

Jim Bob says to the owner “Gimme one of them there doughnuts and I’ll show you a mighty fine magic trick.” The owner complies. Jim Bob scarfs it down.

“Now give me anutherun.” Jim Bob scarfs that one down too. He asks for a third and does the same.

“Now here’s where the magic comes in – I’m gonna make them fried cakes reappear.”

“How are you going to do that?” Asked the owner.

“Just take a look inside Billy Bob’s coat.”


This is a terrible joke, but being a long-term resident of Kentucky, I felt it my obligation to share it. Apologies.


10 Comments on “Two Good Ol’ Boys from Kentucky…”

  1. Nice way to start my Hump Day. Thank you, Sir. 🙂
    But now I’m craving doughnuts.

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  2. jdawgswords says:

    see…we all got that “one friend”…i grew up in owensboro

    Liked by 1 person

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