At 3:30 am He woke and reached across the bed for Her, finding only a pillow. It startled Him and He realized She wasn’t there. Or, more precisely, He wasn’t there. He was in his tiny apartment and She was 100 miles away, sleeping off Her celebratory/consoling beers from the night before. The ‘boys had won, but Tony had broken his collarbone.

It was still early – He usually got up around 4:30 – so He took a few moments to savor Her in His mind.

He missed Her this morning. He missed holding Her, feeling Her against him. He missed the way She felt as He caressed Her as she slept. He missed waking before Her, His face tickled by Her hair. Smelling Her. Seeing the curve of Her shoulder in the light penetrating from the hall.

He missed the sex, of course, but this morning He missed the intimacy of them, in bed, just together.

This morning He missed the best part.


20 Comments on “Morning”

  1. amommasview says:

    That’s beautiful!

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  2. Dr. R says:

    Hey Kevin, I nominated you for the Liebster Award so if you accept the challenge, pick up your cigar, light it & smoke it and answer my questions.

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  3. […] Fictional Kevin How beautiful… it’s truly the best part… […]

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  4. You know your name isn’t linked to your blog address? That can be changed in the settings! I had to search for your link lol.

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