Intensity and Tenderness

intense sex

It was 9pm and he either needed to go to bed and get up at his traditional 4:30 or push through, finish the advertorial he was being paid to write, and get up later.

But his mind was elsewhere and wanted neither sleep nor work. His mind, his body craved her intensity. He wanted to take her, tease her roughly. Bending her over, pulling her hair the way she enjoyed and ending with them both completely spent.

She had captivated his mind the last time they were together. He was holding her, massaging her in the best possible way. He asked her if she wanted his special kiss. Her head barely nodded a yes. He made her tell him again. She looked so vulnerable, so willing.

That tiny plea had captivated his mind since. Nine days. They hadn’t had real intensity since he introduced her to the surprise new toy – a month or more? He could feel his body’s lustful longing.

But he wanted, needed more than the intensity. He needed the tenderness after. Holding each other naked as they slept, waking in the middle of the night to make slow, delicate love. He needed the intimacy of looking into her eyes, feeling her body softly beneath him, her hands brushing against the sides of his face.

The love in her touch meant everything to him. He needed it just as much, and so did she.


20 Comments on “Intensity and Tenderness”

  1. What was the surprise new toy and what exactly is your special kiss Sir? ☺️

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  2. Nena says:

    Never read Fifty Shades of Grey, nor am I interested, but this is way hotter! Not just the intensity, but the tenderness afterwards places the longing emotion for more!

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  4. […] dwell on Her. Their shared adventures. Her joy. Her smile. But soon He found His thoughts moving to Her body, their passion.  Closing His eyes and feeling Her against Him. Her soft skin beneath His fingertips. Tracing, […]


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