His ancient coffee maker died. Not only did he no longer have groceries, he couldn’t make coffee either. He intended to pick up both over the weekend, but had no ambition to do so. He drove the two miles to McDonald’s to grab two of theirs and an Egg McMuffin.

Back in June after they resumed dating again but also dating Others. He wrote up a little adventure buying two Egg McMuffin meals and two large coffees.

The next evening, He was asking Her out for the coming weekend by text. Her response perplexed him.


“You want to go out for coffee?” He replied not catching Her meaning.

He called. What are you talking about?

“Why two coffees? I know you sometimes get two cheeseburgers, but why two coffees?”

Of course it had been for one of The Others and of course She knew.

He drove home today happy because this time, both coffees were for Him.


5 Comments on “Coffees?”

  1. Did you get creamer? Just can’t have coffee without good creamer. ☕️

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  2. Nena says:

    Great story behind the action;)

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  3. Only two coffees? I usually require somewhere between 6 and 10. And coffee is about the only thing I can stomach from Mickey D’s anymore. (Oh and hashbrowns.) (And coca cola.)

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