Last weekend I spent with Waco, getting the plants and furniture redone for her deck. It was fun and exhausting for both of us. (Yes, that’s really a picture of her deck at the back of Suess House.)

Two weeks ago she had convinced me eventually getting married was a good plan for both of us, whether to each other or not. This past weekend we talked about what we would want in a marriage and how that would even work.

Today, while Waco is in Texas for her daughter’s wedding, I’m thinking through it more.

I’ve seen a bunch of different “types” or marriage. I’m sure you have too. Cold marriages. Sexy marriages. Friendship marriages. Corporate merger marriages. Dependent marriages. Convenient marriages. There are so many kinds.

I want partnership.

Partnership means many things. Mutual respect. Intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy. Trust. Shared goals. Willingly giving yourselves to each other even when it is hard.

Not having a plan B.

I’ve never had partnership before. I’m not even sure what it will look like, feel like.

But one step at a time, I plan to get there.


10 Comments on “Partnership”

  1. Nena says:

    That deck is beautiful! I am all for partnership! I believe that is what a marriage is supposed to be above all else. You’re off to a wonderful start if that is how you start your marriage journey:)

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      The deck turned out well. Thank you for noticing.

      Our relationship is wonderfully complicated so I make no bets on the future. If you want to read the chronology, feel free to click on the Waco tag. It’s my thoughts over our last year we’ve been dating.

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      • Nena says:

        I will check it out;) I agree with not worrying about tomorrow that may never come and taking life one day at a time;)

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      • fictionalkevin says:

        I should point out, however, I am all in at this point. Don’t know how that will turn out, but it’s the only way I can find out.

        Both of us came from decades of marriage. Both of us enjoyed being single – for a while – but now we’re looking for something better.

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      • Nena says:

        True that we never know the outcome but it shouldn’t stop us from having the best by giving our best:) Hoping for the best for you both;)

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