It was at their private “white trash” party.

They had donned shorts and tanks, bought some 40’s and sat on the deck, drinking, talking and grilling exquisitely marbled ribeyes – there are some things you can’t skimp on even when you are joking around. Steaks are serious business.

She, the accomplished executive with perfect clothes and manicure and “business” accent, braless in her tank, drinking a Natty Light 40 from a can.

He had to get a picture. Once stored, he made it his wallpaper.

“What’s going to happen when one of your dates sees my picture on there?” as she drank she had become very inquisitive about The Others.

Dates for him were planned, methodical. Every detail was attended to. There is no way he would have a picture of Her – or of any other woman – as his wallpaper on a date. That would be a rookie move.

But he had a secret.

When he was alone – as he was most often – with his phone laid near him, face up, where each time a call or text came he could see the wallpaper, he could put whatever picture he wanted on there. Just for him. His wallpaper was always a picture of her – and had been for months. Her on the landing in black and white. Her at ACL. Her on the deck the day before they first met. Her face at the convention with the others cropped out. Her in her bed…

But he couldn’t tell her that, she might think she mattered.


12 Comments on “Wallpaper”

  1. Didn’t get the point here. A bit boring for me. But perhaps I missed the tie in of the white trash party and the end line.

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. These pieces (all the ones tagged Waco) are just an exploration of my thoughts and experiences dating a girl from Waco. There isn’t always a point, per se, just a regurgitation. The last line is a call back to a previous post titled “She Mattered.”


      • Maybe it would make sense to put the journal writings in first person perspective. May bring forth more authenticity. I spent time in Killeen. Take us to Waco. So that we need’nt read the past pieces. Unless these posts are simply a place for you to purge. But hey, I get that. It’s the real reason we do this.


      • fictionalkevin says:

        Pretty much the latter. When I actually try to write something I’ll tag it as fiction. I journal in private posts, but the Waco posts are different. Written originally for her and me. She enjoys them.


  2. JSM says:

    I really enjoyed this story. At first the premise and the writing are fun and lighthearted, it’s a party after all. Then you start showing the reader more until I’m left hanging in the web of these characters’ tangled relationships…

    The capitalisation helps as well (Her, He, The Others), because that’s what its like in relationships. The two of you are Him and Her, everyone else is Other.

    Great story!

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  3. I LIKE THIS! Thank you for following me so I could discover you. đŸ™‚

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