Today I Write

Today's Muse

My mind has grown fat and lazy.

Those are my thoughts as I survey the ramshackle state of my apartment. Normally I am all about order, but today I had to face the fact all work and too much play might just make Jack a dull boy.

June was good in so many ways. Business was finally back on track. New employees. New opportunities. Dating again had its perks, though today dating felt like a job too.

My routines, the fertilizer for my creativity, the basis of my sanity, had become a distant memory. Where I used to run on autopilot and get my alone time, recharging time, time to eat and exercise and organize and…. All those had fled the onslaught of busy business and meaningless smiling faces.

Now it was 1pm. After a day of constant conference calls yesterday – I logged over 6 hours with my head plugged neatly into my Skullcandys – and a morning filled with the necessary and mundane business of business, I had yet to write.

I heard it said that words need a gestation period. If one writes for business, words also have a birth date. And the birth will either occur in natural time or must be taken by the violence of Cesarean. My words’ natural due date has come and gone and now it was time for unnatural delivery.

So here I sit, rolling a Romeo Y Julieta’s brown skin between my fingers, wondering if the smokey bite will provide the impetus for a marathon of creation.

Because today I write.


4 Comments on “Today I Write”

  1. literally says:

    Writing for business can kill writing for pleasure if you let it…like relationship George and independent George….

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      I think that must be a Seinfeld…I never really watched…

      Writing for business pays the bills. Writing fiction or prose or crying into my keyboard seems completely different for me. Busy kills my pleasure writing. A friend suggested writing up some erotic fiction to give me the proper level of distraction. It left me smiling to myself…

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  2. Isn’t wonderful how we can create a great post about how we’re going to start writing.

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      There’s always time and inspiration to write about writing…or read someone else who just wrote about writing…or sharpening our pencil…or going outside for inspiration…or…OK, teach, I get your passive aggressive point…geez…


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