The Perfect Kiss

I love this piece from Laurie…reminds me of something, someone…



Looking down into her eyes

One hand brushes her hair away from her face and neck, followed by the other

A palm on each cheek and jawline, cradling her head

First, a brush of the lips, and another

Then he consumes her mouth, wrapping his lips all the way around her

His tongue explores, then invades, dancing with hers

He presses his lips firmly against hers, taking and taking

But giving by taking

A hand moves to her shoulder, her back

Another moves to her hair…or her neck

The intensity shifts and increases

He disconnects long enough to change the angle before diving in again

Taking her breath with the kiss

Her lips feel swollen, tingly when he is finished

And she has no choice

But to lean into him

Until she can stand on her own again.

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