Woman Tied with Scarves

She was proud of her large collection of scarves.

She always beamed and couldn’t wait to tell him when one of her scarves was a hit at a business presentation. It was her personal style.

Their second weekend together – after weeks of talking, texting, flirting and one weekend where they left the bed only to eat – he had found one of her scarves discarded on the bedroom floor. They had put it to good use and she was both embarrassed and proud of the bruises on her wrists the next day at work.

Tonight he had a thing. He had promised himself he would be home by 8, in bed by 9 but had lingered. She had texted him earlier in the day, invading his thoughts, but he had pushed it aside. Now, at 10pm, long past both their bedtimes for a “school night,” she texted him again.

“Did you see the game? Go USA!” It was one of her plausibly deniable texts, the ones she sent when she was feeling a need for him but not wanting to say.

He had been missing her, missing her sex, since Thursday. The weekend had been filled with “activities”, but he found his mind wandering to the feel of her, the taste of her. Too often. At inappropriate times with inappropriate people.

“I am missing the warm movement of your body tonight…” he was clear, undeniable in his longing.

“My body is soft and in need of discipline.” Her reply made him shiver.

The topic faded as she retreated from the obvious sexual nature of her reply. They traded witty barbs. He still longed.

“Okay I have to close my eyes…” She was notorious for drifting off in the midst of conversation, so he was ready to close this one before she slumbered.

“I can’t believe you passed on the idea of sexting…you would have enjoyed it.”

“Did I pass? I would have or you would have?”

“I would have enjoyed letting your hands be my hands, letting my words take you to that place…I doubt you understand yet what I want from that…”

“Tell me.”

“What do you think I want?”

“You want me to trace your favorite places…”

“I would want you to do that, but that’s not what the payoff is for me. I want to control your release…know I have brought you to a place of no return…imagine the way you will be moving…the way my words make you respond…”

“You always control my release.”

From there he led her through a gradual build up. Imagining for both of them the fun of using her scarves to bind her hands and leg, to pin her tightly as he moved over her body.

Forty minutes and a thousand words later her release was intense and wonderful and accomplished from 100 miles away.

“But now I won’t have the best part.” she ended, “I just want to curl up with you and go to sleep.”

He smiled, surprisingly fulfilled, looking forward to experiencing her again in a less virtual way.


5 Comments on “Discipline”

  1. Dr. R says:

    I feel a 50 Shades Of Grey vibe coming off this post.

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  2. You were correct. AMAZING! đŸ™‚


  3. […] use my good scarves, use the orange […]


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