No More Bad Writing

This scene from Secret Window always intrigues me. I love the movie in general, and this scene in particular, because it represents what I want to accomplish as I write fiction.

My writing is going through the 4 stages of mastery: Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence and Unconscious Competence.

Most of the time I am at stages two and three. It’s not a bad place to be. I occasionally push my brain and write something goodish. Usually not the first time. I like to write the first time. I don’t like to rewrite. And rewrite. And edit. And rewrite some more.

This scene reminds me that’s what writing is – getting it out there the first time. The story. The characters. But it’s crap writing. It’s the framework for the eventual. I have to be ruthless to go back and cut. Rewrite. Edit. That’s the only way I will ever write good well.


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