For a Minute

Faceless Woman

The other women were faceless. Placeholders. Time fillers. As she would say, “for a minute.”

On days like today, when she had interrupted his busy business with an unexpected call, he realized this. Maybe it wasn’t fair to them – for her to have most of his heart while they vied for his attention. There were texts and calls and dates and smiles and flirting. For a minute. Until she would flood his soul again, out of the intentional void of his thoughts, and his mind would go to her smile, her eyes, her softness. The feel of his body against hers, his hands on her curves. Her hair tangled in his fingers, kissing her, more…

Then he would remember he was in the middle of a “thing” and he would force his mind back to the girl de jure.

For a minute.


6 Comments on “For a Minute”

  1. […] June was good in so many ways. Business was finally back on track. New employees. New opportunities. Dating again had its perks, though today dating felt like a job too. […]


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