Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Sex

It was 4am and the power had been off since 2.

As he lay there in bed, in the pitch, not sleeping, all he thought of was her and wished she were there.

It always started the same – he would stir, holding her more tightly. On their sides, her back to his chest, his right arm cradling her head, his left exploring the softness of her body. She would stir and move against him, encouraging him to continue. His hands would then move more deftly, more excitedly to the places they both longed for him to touch, caress. His lips would find her shoulder and neck and…

She had once compared their sex life to the old Dr. Pepper slogan – 10-2-4. This morning he would have been happy just to get the 4.


4 Comments on “Dr. Pepper”

  1. You are a truly stunning writer. Your words are intoxicating. I love the buzz I am feeling. 🙂

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      Occasionally stunning. Enjoy the buzz.

      Writing of late has been boring and uncreative. Tonight I am pondering doing better.

      Oh, and once again, thank you.

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      • If you do any better, I absolutely shouldn’t be driving. I know the feeling. I am NOT a writer, but I am enjoying writing things. I have found that when I am inspired, the words just flow. My last few posts are completely unedited. That is how they came out of my fingers. I also have a story that has been sitting for months because it was a request, not an inspiration. Maybe someday I will finish it.

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      • fictionalkevin says:

        I have a couple fiction books started. Resurrection is a pulpy piece I write occasional chapters for. Worship is to be more serious.

        All good writing and even my mediocre writing begins with bad writing. Yours is already beyond bad in a good way.

        And editing sucks Satan’s naughty bits.

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