His mind had been busy this week. He had finally quit work at almost 6pm Friday – another marathon day – and he had paperwork and writing and laundry and cleaning to do this weekend.

But this morning, at 4am, his mind turned to her once again…the soft longing of her lips, their tongues dancing, the salty taste of her skin last weekend. He longed this morning to coax out her wetness, feel her nipples grow against his tongue, trace her lines with his fingertips, drink deeply of her body. He wanted to hear the involuntary sounds, feel the involuntary thrusts as he pleasured her.

It made him smile.


3 Comments on “4am”

  1. ron877 says:

    The cleaning starts here

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WE WΙLL.? Thhey both shoutеd and so they ran to the bedroom bickering about whoo
    getѕ to go firѕt.


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