Appropriately Flawed

A beautifully flawed diamond

All of us are flawed. Some are flawed beyond reasonable measure. Most of us are appropriately flawed.

Appropriate flaws are good. They make us interesting. They keep us humble. They give us the impetus to grow, to be “a better…”

But even appropriate flaws, during the time between recognition and “better,” can prove fatal. Fatal to a life, a goal, a relationship.

Maybe, just maybe, in a rare instance, we can find a repair. A small jewel to cover the injury in the diamond. The scar, the flaw, may always be there, but maybe, just maybe, with time and patience and skill, even the scar can become beautiful.


3 Comments on “Appropriately Flawed”

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  2. […] told Him in one of their first conversations: “I’m selfish.” And, to an extent, She is. But not with Him.  She wants Him to be happy. Content. She is thoughtful in the most […]


  3. […] He left hopeful for “a better…“ […]


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