Chattanooga, Tennessee Skyline

“Chattanooga, Tennessee Skyline” by Imilious

Chattanooga, I miss you.

I miss your hills, larger than I had imagined. I long to stretch my body out over them, feel them beneath me, run my hands over their soil. I want to collapse exhausted and sweaty again, completely spent from climbing over them and feel the comfort they provide.

I want to travel down to the river, where it’s wet. Dip my fingers into it’s glorious quench again. Drink deeply, savoring the slick warm moisture on my face, its taste on my tongue.

I want to explore you again and find your hidden treasures. I want to investigate the beautiful back alleys. I want to see again the breathtaking view of you – to stand back and let my eyes explore your beauty, drinking you in with my eyes.

I want to plunge myself deeply into you. Let you surround me with your intimate embrace.

I hope, some day, to return to you, Chattanooga. You weren’t my first home, but now I will never feel at home anywhere else.