A New Beginning

New Beginings

“I can’t do this any more.” The email was careful and perfect and devastating.

“Then I need to see you, one more time, and give you things that belong to you.”

She, not reluctantly, agreed.

It had been five weeks. She had traveled. He had gotten insecure and his fears had prompted him to lose trust. He had sent her the dreadful email that was the last, lead-heavy, straw.

He had seen this coming and had hoped it would not. During those weeks he had grown. He wasn’t insecure any more, not like he had been, and was ready, no matter what happened, to go on. Either as a better partner or alone.

They had a night together. Then a day. They talked. They enjoyed each other in every way. Some painful words but mostly words of enlightenment. Words they should have been saying to each other for months.

They made love. It was passionate and joyful and fulfilling.

Now it was done, a skyfall. The thrill of the freefall, the jerk of the shoot, the gentle glide to the ground. But the landing, the ending, was hard.

She held out some hope. “I need to get free from the noise. I need to miss you. Think about all this.” But now, today, it was over.

Either way, it was a new beginning for both of them. Either apart or as the couple they should have been for months.

He hoped against his fears it would be the latter.


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