Rejected Romance Erotica Lines

She skillfully slid his pants and underwear down, exposing his member. “Aww, it’s so cute.”

Though they had been lost in the wilderness for a month, she took him into her mouth. When she closed her eyes it smelled like chili.

He came up behind Elizabeth and wrapped his arms around her torso. He pulled her back, tightly against him. She closed her eyes.  His mouth found her ear. She turned her head to him, moaning as he took her whole ear into his gaping maw. When he was done her ear wasn’t the only thing dripping.

As they kissed, Beaumont moved his hand gently toward her inner thigh. Elspeth instinctively spread her legs slightly, giving his probing fingers access to her love pudding.

Tempest had never experienced another woman in this way before. She touched Penelope’s breast. P let out a deep sigh. What was she doing? Why did each kiss become harder, more passionate, more driven? What would happen next? What would she let her self do? Should she remove her artificial foot now or take it off in the bedroom?

His tongue worked it’s way expertly around her labia, deftly avoiding her genital warts.

He slid his hands under her robe, moving them up to her shoulders, parting the robe and letting it fall to the ground. He stepped back and took his time as his eyes probed her body. Yes, she had definitely had four children.

She had ample breasts. She had ample everything. As she stood over him, he lifted her stomach apron to reveal her–no wait, he still couldn’t find it.

She was becoming so wet, her panties were a terrarium.

She removed his eye patch and sensually french kissed his ocular socket.

He threw her down on the bed. He wanted her. He NEEDED her. With one motion, he spread her legs and pulled out her tampon.

She squeezed the base of his shaft, making the head of his penis swell and solidify, while tickling the underside of the tip with her tongue–just the way her mother had instructed.

She wasn’t sure if this was the wettest she’d ever been for a man or if she had just started her period.

He ran from the bed. She knew anal was a bad idea after Mexican. When would she learn?

She watched him at the podium. Dark blue suit. White Italian shirt, tailored, French cuffs. Hugo Boss ankle boots polished to perfection. Touch of grey in his hair. He was wearing the baby-blue tie she had given him on their first night together. The tie she gave him out of love, and, she knew, lust. The gift she gave him before she realized he was gay.

She just couldn’t bring herself to write. She had writer’s block ever since the infamous Oxford comma incident.


5 Comments on “Rejected Romance Erotica Lines”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh gosh, this is too funny!! Thank you for this – i enjoyed this.


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  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Love these!!
    “Smelled like chili” made me cringe and laugh at the same time. 😆😳😆

    Liked by 1 person

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