New Fiction Book: Worship

So tonight I am starting a new fiction book called “Worship.”  Should be interesting.  It will NOT be a literary masterpiece, but my goal is to have fun and to make it at least an enjoyable read.

Oh, and I want to make sure I finish.  I want to write until it’s done then I want to be done.

I have a general idea of where it needs to go and characters are forming in my mind.  It will be pretty dark (I’m thinkin’) as well as being adult in themes and descriptions.


3 Comments on “New Fiction Book: Worship”

  1. Where is this book now?

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      You have it. I have pieces of the next chapters, and I know where it is going, but I’ve been preoccupied with busy business and haven’t had the combination of spark and concentration to continue. My normal muse has been mostly silent on my fiction of late and without an audience the writer, well at least the narcissist writer, withers.

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